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Self Storage at Home in Tyler, Texas starting in your Garage!

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When you have a custom garage designed by Tyler Custom Closets the most important components are often the garage storage cabinets. Our garage cabinets take garage organization to new levels with high-quality finishes and little extras.

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Self Storage at Home – Save Money

No need to spend money on a storage unit or POD. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that all your stored possessions are protected from dirt, dust, stains and moisture. Our cabinets have a thermal-fused melamine finish, full-cabinet back-panels, adjustable legs and heavy-duty edge banding for durability.

As East Texas premier garage organizers, we take inventory of your items, take measurements and create a design full of great garage ideas just for you. We have a variety of sizes of shelving and cabinets and we anchor everything to the wall securely. However, if you decide to move and want to take the system with you, most often we can do that, too. Let us meet all of your garage organization needs.

Self storage at home saves time and money when you have a spot for everything. Call today and let’s get started.

Garage Cabinet Colors

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Pvc Slatwall
Wall Panel Organizer

Wall Panel Accessories

hammer hook for slatwall
bike hook for slatwall
shovel hook for slatwall

4'' Double Hook

rake hook for slatwall

8'' Double Hook

5'' Bike Hook

ladder hook for slatwall

8'' Loop Hook

6'' J Hook

cord hook for slatwall

4'' Loop Hook

slatwall color options
broom hook for slatwall

S Hook

accessories hook for slatwall

Snap Hooks

Sports Equipment Storage

net hook for slatwall

24 x 12 HandiNET

bag hook for slatwall

36 X 24 HandiNET

bike hook for slatwall

Horizontal Bike Rack

fishing hook for slatwall

Fishing Rod Holder

golf hook for slatwall

Golf Equipment Holder

sports hook for slatwall

Sports Equipment Rack

hook for slatwall accessorys

Tennis Equipment Holder

Tool Storage

magnetic hook for slatwall

Magnetic Tool Holder

screw hook for slatwall

Screw Driver Rack

small hook for slatwall

Small Tool Rack

tools hook for slatwall

Long Tool Bar

Storage Baskets

basket small hook for slatwall

3 x 12 Basket

cleaners basket hook for slatwall

8 x 12  Basket

large hook for slatwall

12 x 18  Basket

basket hook for slatwall

12 x 24  Basket

Specialized Storage Solutions

storage bin hook for slatwall

Storage Bin

paper towel hook for slatwall

Paper Towel Holder

waterhose hook for slatwall

Hose Holder

screw bin hook for slatwall

6 Tilt Bin